June29-July28 Media Landscape WS

From June 29 to July 28, the infra-literacy project has been facilitating a long term workshop: Media Landscape Workshop with twelve participants from a variety of social sectors and academic disciplines in the Hongo campus, University of Tokyo.

A detailed report will come soon.

April 13 Mizukoshi’s essay about GAFA and the future of digital platforms

Shin Mizukoshi’s online essay in Japanese “Resistance to GAFA Empires: Re-thinking about the future of digital platforms” has been out on the Kodansha online essay. It discusses the financial resources of media from radio to facebook and examines the possibilities of cooperative management of digital platforms.




Mar 27 Warren Sack’s Talk on the Software Arts

Dear all,

We are going to hold an international seminar with Prof. Warren Sack, an eminent researcher on digital media studies and keen software designer and artist, University of California Santa Cruz.
This time, he will bring us fruits of his forthcoming book The Software Arts (MIT Press) and his interdisciplinary activities of media theory and practices mainly in California.

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第4回研究会 181208「メディア・リテラシー理論の現在」のお知らせ

Information about 4th Media Infra Research Project Meeting

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