Theoretical background of media literacy workshop models


One of the objectives of this research project is to develop a set of workshops that will help participants nurture objective views, attitudes, and critical thinking skills toward media infrastructure. In other words, the workshops we develop are educational tools that will allow participants to “defamiliarize” media infrastructure that they take for granted in their daily lives. The primary participants are adults, ranging from undergraduate students to business people in different fields.  

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[Report] T1・T2 Workshop: 風景写真とデジタル・プラットフォーム(2019.03.02)


On March 2, 2019, we ran a series of workshops titled “Landscape Photos and Digital Platform” that were designed as “Type 1 (T1)” and “Type 2 (T2)” workshop models. The aims of T1 and T2 workshops are to “reflect on one’s media infrastructure usage” and “critically reflect on the existence of media infrastructure” respectively (see “Theoretical background” for details of the categorization.)

The titles of the three workshops (translated from Japanese) are as follows:

  • Workshop 1 (WS1): Let’s rank the sceneries  – T1
  • Workshop 2 (WS2): Where were the photos taken?  – T1
  • Workshop 3 (WS3): What it was like to “search” in those days?  – T2

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