(Cancellation!) Mar. 21-22, 2020 Infra Literacy Project Annual Seminar インフラリテラシー・プロジェクト年度末セミナー中止!



(Latest Info of February 25, 2019.)
Due to the circumstance of the rapid spread of COVID-19 throughout Japan, we have to announce that we will cancel the second annual seminar at Aomori.
We are sorry for the faculty members of the Aomori Public University and expective participants.
We will hold another academic event in the next academic year that will start in April.

Shin Mizukoshi and members of the Infra Literacy Project.


On March 21-22, the second annual seminar of the Infra Literacy Project will be held at the northern Aomori prefecture. Join us!


The seminar will consist of the annual report by the project members, keynote presentations by Prof. Jeong Hyeon-Seon and Dr. Yeonju Oh of South Korea, and Prof. Tatsuo Sugimoto of Tokyo Metropolitan University. Flying drones in the forest of Aomori Public University, enjoy taking the Sukayu hot spring, we will deeply discuss digital media and literacy.


Infra Literacy Project Annual Seminar (2019)


  • Date: March 21 (Sat), 22 (Sun), 2020
    • 日時:2020年3月21日(土)22日(日)
  • Venue: Aomori Public University
  • Language: English (Partly Japanese)
    • 使用言語:英語(一部日本語)
  • The application is needed.  Click here.
  • An entry fee is not required.
    • 参加費:不要

Program プログラム
Day 1: Saturday, March 21, 3/21(土)

  • 9:30-11:00: Overview Report 全体報告
    • Speakers 登壇者:
      Shin Mizukoshi, Atsushi Udagawa, Setsuko Kamiya, and Masahiro Katsuno (University of Tokyo)
  • 11:30-13:00: Lecture 講演
    • Title 題目:  Let’s play the game of becoming the Youtube algorithm developers: Algorithm literacy education developed by the Korean and Belgian researchers and educators
    • Abstract 概要: This presentation introduces the simulation activities of the algorithm literacy education program, which has been developed by the collaboration of the Korean and Belgian researchers and educators. The purpose of the activities is to provide opportunities to understand YouTube’s recommendation algorithm critically. ‘Algorithm literacy’ or ‘platform literacy’ raises the importance of understanding the role of digital platforms as distributors of information and cultural content. The process of developing the activities also provides an exemplary case of collaboration among researchers, educators, policymakers, and civic groups that integrate the theories, policies, and practices of new media literacy in the global digital environment.
    • Speakers 登壇者:
      Jeong Hyeon-Seon (Professor, Gyeongin National University of Education)
      Dr. Yeonju Oh (Principle Manager, Digital Ethics Team, National Information Agency)
  • 14:00-16:00: Experience-based Workshop 体験ワークショップ
    • Title 題目:
      Drone Mobile Technology and Local Society (TBD)
    • Facilitators ファシリテーター:
      Yuichi Kogure 木暮祐一 (Aomori Public University 青森公立大学)
      Yuka Keino 慶野結香 (Aomori Public University 青森公立大学)
  • Evening: Party
    • 夜:懇親会

    Day 2: Sunday, March 21, 3/21(日)

    • 9:30-11:00: Lecture and Performance 講演と実践
      • Title 題目:
        Data Visualization and “Hackability” (TBD)
      • Speaker 登壇者:
        Tatsuo Sugimoto (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
    • 11:00-12:30: Wrap Up Discussion 全体ディスカッション

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